Project Management, upplaga 6

Bo Tonnquist (Häftad, 2024)
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Key Features:

  • Clear and Practical: The book presents project methodologies and management principles in a straightforward manner, making it suitable for use as course literature at colleges, universities and business schools.
  • Strategic Portfolio Management: Learn how to select and prioritize project ideas at the strategic level, ensuring impactful outcomes.
  • Adaptive Approaches: Traditional methods meet agile practices. Discover when to apply each approach for optimal project success.
  • Updated Content: Our latest edition incorporates cutting-edge research and real-world insights, covering project operations, planning methods and portfolio management.
  • Pedagogical Excellence: Named Best Course Literature in Business Administration, this book’s practicality and quality have stood the test of time.

Nedladdningsbart material

Teaching and study material for 5th edition

Download PPT

Part 1.pptx (PowerPoint-presentation, 3.1 MB)

Part 2.pptx (PowerPoint-presentation, 2.1 MB)

Part 3.pptx (PowerPoint-presentation, 3.8 MB)

Part 4.pptx  (PowerPoint-presentation, 1.9 MB)

Part 5.pptx (PowerPoint-presentation, 512 kB)

Part 6.pptx (PowerPoint-presentation, 559 kB)

Excercises and training program

Download excercises for better understanding of project management. Use the 3-days training program to improve quality and increase profitability in assignments at the organization by implementing a projective work method.

BEST PRACTICE IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Excercises - 2021.docx (Word-dokument, 116 kB)

BEST PRACTICE IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Training 2021.docx (Word-dokument, 68 kB)


Projectbase 5.0 - Final report.doc (Word-dokument, 39 kB)

Projectbase 5.0 - Project charter.doc (Word-dokument, 40 kB)

Projectbase 5.0 - Project management plan.doc (Word-dokument, 90 kB)

Study material (Powerpoints, exercises and tests)

Projectbase - Requirement specification (Word-dokument, 38 kB)

Extra material for private use

Projectbase - Requirement specification (Word-dokument, 38 kB)

Project Management, fourth edition

Projectbase 4.0 - Final report (Word-dokument, 38 kB)

Projectbase 4.0 - Project charter (Word-dokument, 40 kB)

Projectbase 4.0 - Project plan (Word-dokument, 90 kB)

Excercises - PM training material (Word-dokument, 93 kB)

Projectbase - Requirement specification (Word-dokument, 38 kB)

Project Management, third edition

Projectbase 3.0 - Final report (PDF-dokument, 44 kB)

Projectbase 3.0 - Project charter (Word-dokument, 40 kB)

Projectbase 3.0 - Project plan (PDF-dokument, 95 kB)

Projectbase 3.0 - Risk analysis (PDF-dokument, 57 kB)


Chapter 1  (PowerPoint-presentation, 492 kB)

Chapter 2  (PowerPoint-presentation, 245 kB)

Chapter 3  (PowerPoint-presentation, 123 kB)

Chapter 4  (PowerPoint-presentation, 607 kB)

Chapter 5  (PowerPoint-presentation, 674 kB)

Chapter 7  (PowerPoint-presentation, 1.1 MB)

Chapter 8  (PowerPoint-presentation, 183 kB)

Chapter 9  (PowerPoint-presentation, 174 kB)

Chapter 10  (PowerPoint-presentation, 773 kB)

Chapter 11  (PowerPoint-presentation, 243 kB)

Chapter 13  (PowerPoint-presentation, 323 kB)

Chapter 18  (PowerPoint-presentation, 825 kB)

Chapter 19  (PowerPoint-presentation, 794 kB)

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